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The best types of air curtains to prevent dust, dirt and insects in Saudi Arabia

أفضل أنواع الستائر الهوائية لمنع الغبار والأتربة والحشرات في السعودية

No more wasted AC power, no insects or dust, no accumulated snow during snowstorms after using the air curtains. All of these benefits are due to air curtains, which are essential in any store or mall as well as hotels, hospitals, and much more.

If you want to know more about the types of air curtains, and how to choose the best one for you, keep reading to learn more about the information and advice you need in just 5 minutes!

Read about the best types of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

Air curtain and how it works

We will simply explain below the definition of an air curtain and how it works.

Air Curtains definition

An air curtain is a device that creates an invisible air barrier over the doorways to separate efficiently two different environments, saving heating and cooling costs by up to 80% while protecting the indoor climate and increasing people’s comfort. The air curtain keeps the air clean from insects, dust, and pollutants.

It also prevents bad smells and smoke as well as keeps cold or hot air from entering the place.

 Types of Air Curtains- air curtains
The definition of air curtain

How does an air curtain keep dust and insects from entering?

The air curtain prevents dust and insects through the air emitted to the bottom between two spaces without restricting the passage to the place, whether it is a restaurant, factory, or other. Here is how it works step by step:

Learn more about Stavoklima air curtains in Saudi Arabia

  • An air curtain uses a fan to force a curtain of air in a downward direction.
  • The forced air creates an invisible barrier to prevent cold or hot air from entering through the door or doorway.
  • This rush of air also prevents insects, dust, and other pollutants from entering the interior of the building.
  • It serves as an alternative to traditional doors with the possibility of people passing through without any restriction or disturbance.
air curtain in Riyadh - best air curtain for restaurant
How do air curtains work?

The importance of the air curtain for your business in Saudi Arabia

No one should ignore the importance of the air curtain for commercial activities because it makes the atmosphere of the place more comfortable without insects or dust, in addition to providing great cooling or heating in the place. Here are more of the benefits of air curtain types:

Air curtains for shops and restaurants in Saudi Arabia:

The importance of air curtains for shops and restaurants is that they raise the level of people’s comfort by letting them enjoy eating food in an environment that is clean, calm, and free of insects that could be attracted by the smell of food. Air curtains are also important for restaurants in terms of saving money on cooling and heating costs that are associated with opening and closing the door throughout the day.

2- Air curtain for malls, shopping malls, and hotels:

An air curtain for malls, shopping malls, and hotels is very important as it maintains the optimal temperature, which ensures that both customers and employees are comfortable regardless of the high temperatures outside.

3- Air curtains for warehouses, and factories:

Air curtains are a valuable addition to these buildings with heavy traffic of cars and people, as well as different kinds of goods. Therefore, air curtains provide a suitable environment for keeping goods without dust, and reduce the workload of heaters and air conditioners.

4- Air curtain for clinics, hospitals, and beauty centers:

Air curtains not only keep patients and doctors comfortable, but they also protect these sensitive areas from any external pollutants that may harm patients with the airflow providing an ideal direction to push bacteria and viruses down and away from entering these areas.

air curtain in ksa
commercial air curtain
The necessity of having curtains for all kinds of shops and buildings

The best types of air curtains to prevent dust, dirt, and insects

The best types of air curtains door to prevent dust, dirt, and insects according to commercial activities are divided into three main types:

  • Energy-saving air curtains.
  • Luxurious air curtains.
  • Industrial air curtains.

Keep reading to find out which air curtains are the best for your business with our suggestions as the best air curtain company in Saudi Arabia.

1- Air Curtain (Li-Mini):

The li-mini air curtain is the best choice for all kinds of shops, hotels, restaurants, and banks as well. It maintains the atmosphere of the place with the temperatures you prefer; it also protects the place from insects. More importantly, it is an electric energy-saving air curtain for shops, as it comes with a modern European system with a remote control.

If you are looking for an air curtain for stores that combines a modern look and strong performance with great savings, it is your best choice.

Energy saving air curtains, air curtain purpose
Air Curtain L I Mini category

2. Air Curtain (LI-0):

The li-zero air curtain (li-0) is considered the most suitable type for hospitals, libraries, banks, as well as public buildings that open their doors to welcome visitors consistently. It is an energy-saved curtain with a beautiful view and ideal internal temperature.

and a free of insects; It is a zero-noise device and covers doors with a height of up to 3.5 meters.

The best forms of energy-saving air curtains, air curtain refrigerator
Air Curtain LI- Zero (LI-0) category

3. LI-2 Air Curtain:

As for the energy-saving LI-2 curtain, it is an energy-saving type designed for places where ordinary air curtains do not fit. This curtain comes with an advanced protection system for unstable air pressure situations, so it offers the best performance even in the most difficult environments, as it is manufactured with fans that ensure great comfort with its thick air.

so, it is stronger than the previous two types, which means that it provides higher protection besides it is quiet when operating, has excellent insulation to keep the place cool by covering doors up to 4.5 meters high as well as being easily maintained 

You can operate it via the BMS Smart Air Curtain System with I-R Remote Control, which operates at a distance of 35 meters, so it is considered the best air curtain for the restaurant.

stavoklima saudi air curtain
Energy-saving (LI-2) air curtain

4. Energy saving Air Curtains – Icon category

The energy-saving air curtain (icon) is one of the latest models of air curtains that are used for doors that are not suitable for Le curtains due to the narrowness of the distance. They are designed to give you the benefit of air curtains with an elegant modern touch as they are hidden in the ceiling with an Air Curtains inlet and outlet that are only visible, and most importantly, it is an air curtains with no maintenance needed

The features of the Icon series air curtains:

  • The color of the air curtain can be chosen to match the color of the door and the interior decoration of the place.
  • Quiet in operation with extremely energy efficient.
  • An air curtain maintains the temperature of the place and prevents the entry of dust, dirt, and insects.
  • air curtain for dust control covers doors up to 3.5 meters high.
  • Its filters and motors are easily accessible.
  • You can operate it via the smart BMS system.
  • The possibility of remote control of the (IR) system that works at a distance of 35 meters.
air curtain supplier in saudi arabia
ICON category Air Curtains

5. Luxury Tubex Curtains – Stavoklima:

The Luxury Tubex curtains from Stavoklima are suitable for moving doors as they are easy to apply and have excellent air insulation in these cases, in addition to their vertical, streamlined, curved shape, which adds luxury and aesthetics to the place.

Knowing that you can choose the economic tube curtains from Stavoklima in accordance with the colors of the doors and the interior decorations of the place, with the possibility of placing any advertising media on them if you wish to do so. In short, it suits luxury places and creates great comfort in the place in terms of calm and attractive appearance.

In short, it suits luxury places and creates great comfort in the place in terms of calm and attractive appearance, in addition to saving the electrical loss and isolating the internal atmosphere from the outside with all that it contains of dust, insects, and dust.

automatic air curtain
Luxury Tubex curtains from Stavoklima

6. Luxury Arcos Curtains from Stavoklima:

It is the best air curtain in Saudi Arabia for places that are crowded such as malls, shopping centers, and luxury stores. It is an air curtain with a circular, curved design that gives the place more luxury and elegance.

It is also made of the finest types of stainless steel to give it a consistent appearance and ensure its efficient performance for many years

importantly, it is an air curtain with no sound compared to other types.

Luxury air curtains with high quality, air curtain images
luxury Arcos curtains from Stavoklima

7. Luxury Compact Curtains:

 One of the best types of air curtains is the luxury compact curtains as it has an elegant design that gives a special appearance to the place, in addition to its features that make the best as they have a lower noise level compared to Tupix curtains which make it the best residential air curtain. They also come in multiple lengths upon request.

 In short, compact curtains combine a sophisticated look with high efficiency in air insulation.

Air curtains for commercial centers and large area, air curtain catalogue
luxury Compact curtains

8. Stavoklima Nucleo 3000 Modern Curtains:

The modern Nucleo 3000 curtains from Stavoklima include modernity in appearance with quality in performance, that’s why it is the ideal air curtain to obtain the required protection from dust, dirt, and insects with its primary function of isolating the air from the outside.

Although it is not the lowest in price, it is the best for its versatility in terms of elaborating design and modern technology that is matched by aesthetics and luxury.

If you are looking for the best types of air curtains in Saudi Arabia, they are the most suitable with their stainless-steel metallic color. Knowing that you can choose the color that suits the place’s décor from among the RAL color range that contains 1900 shades.

Air curtains for shops and malls, air curtain door
The best types of air curtains (curtains of Nucleo 3000)

9. Industrial Axi Air Curtains:

Axi industrial air curtains are designed to withstand the harshest climatic conditions with a temperature of up to 79 degrees. So, it is an air curtain for industrial places, warehouses, and loading areas because their German-made fans from the leading company, Zell Epic create a thick and durable air barrier.

They work with high efficiency underwater with high and low-temperature resistance without the need for any regular maintenance or cleaning. Also, They have a durable construction that saves them from being damaged even after many years of periodic work.

air curtain in saudi arabia
Axi industrial air curtains

Order now the best types of air curtain

Stavoklima for industrial, commercial, and domestic air curtains

Stavoklima for industrial, commercial, and home air curtains is the best air curtain company in Saudi Arabia for selling the best types of air curtains, as it provides everything you need from installing to buying or maintaining air curtains. Also, Stavoklima’s most important goal is to help its customers choose the best types of air curtains for their business.

Air curtains prices with preventing dust and insects in Saudi Arabia

The prices of air curtains to prevent dust and insects in Saudi Arabia vary depending on the quality, area, and brand; however, they are -in general- lower at Stavoklima’s. For more details, you can contact via WhatsApp or by calling.

Discounts and offers on air curtains for insects and dust

Take advantage of discounts and offers on air curtains for insects and dust provided by Stavoklima-Saudi Arabia.

Contact the Stavoklima team for advice on choosing any type of air curtain in accordance with your business, and to know more about air curtain installation detail.

FAQ about the best air curtain in Saudi Arabia:

Do air curtains keep bugs out?

Yes, air curtains can be effective in keeping bugs out. The stream of air created by an air curtain acts as a physical barrier to insects. This barrier is often strong enough to deter flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, from entering a premises. This is particularly beneficial in commercial settings like restaurants, supermarkets, and healthcare facilities, where maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial. By providing an invisible barrier, air curtains help reduce the infiltration of insects, thus contributing to sanitary conditions without the need for chemical repellents or constant door closure.

Do air curtains save money?

Regarding cost savings, air curtains can indeed save money, primarily through energy conservation. They work by minimizing the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, which helps in maintaining the desired temperature inside a building. This reduces the load on heating or cooling systems, leading to lower energy consumption.

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