How did the air curtains help improve the environment of Dallah Al Baraka Company?

What is Dallah Al Baraka Project:

Dallah Al Baraka Company is one of the largest business groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world, and it specializes in managing huge investments in the fields of trade, real estate, healthcare, as well as transportation, the company works to find high-quality investments, provide serious job opportunities, expand business fields, and increase income for all parties to achieve the highest quality standards.

What were the problems that Dallah al-Baraka faced?

Dallah Al Baraka Company building is one of the most beautiful and modern buildings with a distinctive view of the Jeddah waterfront, and because the area is open, it caused several problems, including:

1. Moisture coming from the sea that condenses at the entry doors of the company, causing an unpleasant environment in the place.

2. The temperature differences between the inside and outside cause hot air to enter the interior constantly.

3. Entering dust and insects from the outside as the area is open and overlooking the sea.

With Dallah Al Baraka Company's keenness to achieve the best possible working environment in Saudi Arabia, the solution was to install an air curtain that gives them the purity of the interior environment while maintaining luxurious décor.

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Inspection stage to choose the appropriate air curtain

Dallah Al Baraka Company contacted the Stavoklima team to visit the building and choose the latest and most luxurious model of its luxury air curtain models, and there were some challenges in order to choose an air curtain that meets the following criteria:

1. An air curtain should be suitable for covering the high doors inside the building.

2. Do not make noise that disturbs the peace of the space.

3. It creates a thick air barrier that is resistant to the speed of the rapid sea air because the building is centered within the waterfront.

4. Repel high-humidity air from entering the building to prevent moisture condensation on the air conditioning vents.

5. Keep the building isolated from external weather factors such as dust and dirt.

After the meeting with the engineering department, the Nucleo 3000 air curtain was chosen after it was accepted by the architectural and engineering department, because despite the beauty of the design, the Nucleo air curtain does not sacrifice performance and offers the highest possible quality.

Features of the Nucleo 3000 air curtain from Stavoklima:

Here are the features of the Nucleo 3000 air curtain from Saudi Stavoklima company:

1. Elegant round design hanging ceiling by A1 Suspension.

2. It contains a large number of motors that operate at several speeds to ensure the highest air volume.

3. Air curtain featuring a very low noise level.

4. Air curtain can be painted to suit the décor of the place and give it a luxurious modern touch.

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Customer's opinion of Nucleo 3000 air curtain

The customer praised the method of installation and was impressed by the reflections of the Naklio air curtain on his company, as it is not an ordinary air curtain, but rather the beauty of the design, the elegance of performance and the quietness of the sound to relieve the place from the sea wind and the humidity of the air without making any noise.

Stavoklima gives you a luxurious touch to your workplace

Luxury air curtains from Stavoklima express the quality and sophistication of your place, raise the level of your business now and ensure that you achieve the best possible environment through a variety of air curtains that suit all your needs from Saudi Arabia Stavoklima company.