energy saving curtains

energy saving curtains

L-I Comfort the best energy saving curtains reflect more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in the field of air insulation with innovative technologies to ensure energy conservation. Designed to be visible to protect doors and entrances, and their types vary according to the dimensions and specifications of the place in which they will be used.

li-mini class:

Air curtain (L-I-mini) is the perfect solution for restaurants, banks, hotels and clothing stores in terms of protection and comfort in the place.

LI-ZERO (li-0):

Air curtain (L-I-Zero) is the ideal solution for libraries, hospitals, commercial centers and public buildings that open their doors permanently to receive a large number of visitors.

LI-2 class:

The L-I-2 air curtain is designed for situations where a regular air curtain is not feasible with high protection requirements for situations of variable (negative/positive) air pressure in the space.

Icon category:

ICON Energy Saving Air Curtains, is a modern design model that is used for doors where there is not enough space above to install LE-curtains. Designed to be hidden inside the ceiling, only the air inlet and outlet are visible. It has a quiet noise and does not touch the decorative touch of the place.
The Icon-Sea air curtain is completely different from anything you see in this world full of technology. Its design starts from the ceiling up. It was unimaginable ten years ago.