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Li0 Light

Enjoy the Silence with Li0 Light air curtains

Li0 Light

Features of Li0 Light air curtains via Stavoklima

"You Can Use Li0 Light To Doors That Always Crowded In Shops, Boutiques, Restaurants, Malls, banks and hotels”

  • Perfect coverage: the li0 Light air curtain is designed to cover doors up to 3.5 meters high, making it ideal for crowded places such as shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and banks.
  • Energy-saving cold mode: it features a cold mode that enhances energy saving, which helps maintain the indoor climate without significant energy consumption.
  • Quiet operation in crowded places: this curtain can make crowded public entrances quieter thanks to its intelligent operation mode that reduces noise.
  • Adjustable air outlet: it has a manually adjustable air outlet, providing precise airflow guidance as needed.
  • Easy connection and operation: it is characterized by easy connection to the plug-and-play system, which makes its installation and use an easy and fast process.
  • Maintaining temperature stability: the li0 Light air curtain helps maintain stable indoor temperatures, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.
Li0 Light
Li0 Light

Advantages of Li0 Light air curtain in Saudi Arabia

  • Quiet operation: The Li0 Light Curtain has quiet operation, which makes it ideal for environments that require minimal noise such as offices and educational institutions.
  • Optimize energy use: this curtain contributes to improving the overall energy efficiency of buildings, reducing loads on heating and cooling systems.
  • Variety of sizes: the li0 Light curtain comes in four different sizes, providing multiple options to fit different sizes of doors and doorways.
  • Three-year warranty: the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty, which reflects confidence in the quality and durability of the product.

The benefits of Li0 Light air curtains in buildings

  • Exceptional quality: li0 Light air curtains are characterized by high manufacturing quality, which ensures their durability and longevity.
  • Wind mode for additional protection: it has a special wind mode that provides additional protection against storms and strong winds, which enhances the safety and protection of the place.
  • Easy installation, control, and maintenance: the li0 Light Air curtain features easy installation, control, and maintenance, making it a practical and efficient choice in daily use.
  • Reduce dust leakage and odors: effectively contribute to reducing dust leakage, vehicle smoke, and unpleasant odors, maintaining the air quality inside the building.
  • Quiet environment: helps create a quiet environment thanks to its noise-reducing design, making it ideal for areas that require quiet such as offices and libraries.
Li0 Light
Li0 Light

Li0 Light air curtain accessories

  • Li0 Light air curtain: the kit includes one li0 Light air curtain, known for its efficiency and effectiveness in improving air quality.
  • Remote control: comes with one remote control, provides easy control of the air curtain, and adjusts its settings.
  • Allen key: includes two Allen keys to facilitate the installation of the curtain and make any necessary adjustments or maintenance.
  • Wall hanging and screws: includes two sets of wall hanging and four screws to securely and stably fix the air curtain to the wall.
  • Power cord: the kit has one power cord to ensure that the air curtain is easily connected to the electricity source.
  • Door contact: includes a door contact device to enable the curtain to be operated automatically when the door is opened or closed.
  • User manual: it comes with a user manual that provides clear instructions for installing the li0 Light air curtain and how to use it efficiently.