Li Recessed

Li Recessed

Leave flying insects outside.. Where they belong

Li Recessed

Features of Stavoklima Li Recessed air curtains

LI RECESSED air curtains can also be installed in the ceiling and we use other accessories depending on the specific type of installation.

  • Height coverage: the Li Recessed air curtain is designed to cover a height of up to 3.5 meters, making it ideal for various environments.
  • High-quality material: made of high-quality galvanized metal and painted in RAL 9010 color. Other colors are available at an additional cost to suit the decor.
  • German fans: the Li Recessed air curtain is equipped with German-made radial fans, which ensures efficient and reliable performance.
  • Quiet sound: the design features ultra-quiet sound, keeping the environment inside the place calm.
  • Indoor installation only: designed for horizontal installation only, with integrated hanging inside the ceiling.
  • Made in Europe: Li Recessed air curtains are made in the Czech Republic, Europe, reflecting quality and reliability.
Li Recessed
Li Recessed

Advantages of the Li Recessed air curtain

  • Competitive price and quiet sound: the Li Recessed air curtain comes with a competitive price and quiet sound level, combining economical performance and comfort.
  • Comfort and saving: the Li Recessed air curtain offers users superior comfort thanks to its effective performance in channeling air and improving indoor air quality, providing savings in cooling and heating costs.
  • Attractive design: the attractive design of the Li Recessed air curtain easily fits into any interior, adding a touch of beauty to the place.
  • Customized options available: we provide customized options as needed to accurately meet your project requirements.
  • Three-year warranty: we offer a three-year warranty on the Li Recessed air curtain, ensuring its reliable and durable performance.

The benefits of Li Recessed air curtains

  • Reduce energy consumption: Li Recessed air curtains help reduce energy consumption thanks to intelligent airflow routing, which contributes to saving cooling and heating costs.
  • Anti-odors, dust, and smoke: effectively reduce the leakage of odors, dust, and smoke from the outside, improving indoor air quality.
  • Indoor luxury: Li Recessed air curtains provide luxury luxury to customers in luxury indoor spaces, enhancing their experience.
  • Cool environment on hot days: the Li Recessed air curtain provides a cool and comfortable indoor environment on hot summer days.
  • Intelligent and efficient insulation: Li Recessed air curtains offer intelligent and efficient insulation, maintaining optimal indoor temperatures and reducing hot or cold air leakage.
Li Recessed
Li Recessed

Li Recessed air curtain accessories

  • Li Recessed air curtain: it is the main part and is known for its ability to effectively insulate while saving electric energy.
  • Remote control: for easy and convenient control of the operation process of the Li Recessed air curtain.
  • Allen key: to ensure the safe and tight installation of the air curtain.
  • Ceiling suspenders: used to securely fix the air curtain to the ceiling 4 suspenders with 4 fasteners.
  • Power cord: to connect the Li Recessed air curtain to the electricity source.
  • Door contact: for connecting to door systems and controlling the operation of the curtain.
  • Flat hole switch: to adjust the air curtain settings easily and accurately.