Li Pico

Li Pico

The Stavoklima Li-Pico Air Curtain Where Performance Meets Cost and energy Saving

Li Pico

Features of Stavoklima Li Pico air curtains

You Can Use Li-Pico To Create Comfortable Environments In Retails, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, and Hospitals”

  • Effective coverage: the Li Pico air curtain can cover heights of up to 3 meters, making it ideal for doors and doorways with large heights.
  • Fan speed diversity: the Li Pico air curtain comes with four fan speed levels, allowing its performance to be adjusted to suit different environmental requirements.
  • Compact and stylish design: it has compact dimensions, wall mounting, and ergonomic design, which makes it a suitable choice for spaces that require stylish and unobtrusive solutions.
  • Adjustable air outlet: the outlet of the Li Pico curtain can be adjusted manually to ensure accurate airflow guidance, which enhances its effectiveness in improving air quality.
  • Easy connection and operation: the ease of connection to the plug-and-play system allows it to be installed and used smoothly without the need for technical complications.
  • Quick installation on the wall: the Li Pico air curtain design enables quick installation on the wall, ensuring a simple and efficient installation process.
Li Pico
Li Pico

Advantages of Li Pico air curtain in Saudi Arabia

  • Stock availability: Li Pico curtains are characterized by their constant availability in stock, which provides easy access to them and speed of installation.
  • Competitive price: enjoy the added value with the competitive price of Li Pico air curtains, which combine high quality with appropriate cost, making it a smart investment for your space.
  • Comes in five sizes: the Li Pico air curtains come in 5 different sizes, offering the flexibility of choice to meet diverse door and doorway requirements.
  • Two-year warranty: the Li Pico air curtain has a two-year warranty, which reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and durability of the product.

Benefits of Li Pico air curtains for your workplace

  • Compliance with service standards: Li Pico curtains meet the standards of food service and the requirements of the Ministry of health, they are effective in combating flying insects, especially when the door is open.
  • Energy efficient: these air curtains are characterized by cost and energy saving, which makes them an economical and environmentally friendly option at the same time.
  • Easy to install and control: the Li Pico design ensures easy installation, control, and maintenance, reducing the need for constant technical support.
  • Modern and attractive design: its design is characterized as modern and adds an aesthetic touch to the place, enhancing the overall shape of the work environment.
  • European standards for indoor climate protection: Li Pico air curtains provide a European standard in indoor climate protection, ensuring a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
Li Pico
Li Pico

Li Pico air curtain accessories

  • Li Pico II IR air curtain: the package includes one Li Pico II IR air curtain, known for its high efficiency and sophisticated design.
  • Remote control: comes with a remote control to facilitate the control of the air curtain and adjust its settings with comfort.
  • Allen key: includes an Allen key to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the air curtain, making the operation more simple.
  • Wall hanging and screws: it includes a wall hanging and six screws for a stable and reliable fastening of the curtain to the wall.
  • Power cord: includes a power cord to connect the air curtain to the electricity source.
  • Door contact: it has a device for attaching the air curtain to the door, which makes it easy to operate automatically when the door is opened or closed.
  • User manual: come with a user manual to provide the necessary directions for the installation and efficient use of the air curtain