"Tubex air curtains.. Beauty That Turns Heads"



"Every Detail Of Tubex Air Curtain Is Designed And Crafted To Elevate The Luxury Experience In Silence And Comfort. It Is Attractive Body Matches Virtually Any Interior Design”

  • Perfect door coverage: The Tubex air curtain covers the width of doors up to 1.5 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of doorways and doors.
  • High quality radial fans: equipped with radial fans manufactured by the German company ZIEHL-ABEGG, a leader in air technology, to ensure high and efficient performance.
  • High design standards: Tubex air curtains meet the highest design standards, ensuring that each curtain is a masterpiece in its own right.
  • Outstanding architectural design: each model has a refined and elegant architectural design, adding a touch of luxury to any place.
  • Variable air speed control: the air speed can be controlled to suit various conditions and needs, as well as a directional nozzle that allows air to flow efficiently and accurately.

Advantages of Stavoklima Tubex air curtain

  • Vertical installation: the Tubex air curtain has the possibility of vertical installation, which provides flexibility in use and allows it to be installed in a variety of places without the need for a large area.
  • High protection class IP54: the Tubex curtain is designed to be resistant to dust and water splashes at the IP54 level, one of the highest protection classes available, ensuring its durability and reliability in various environments.
  • Remarkably quiet environment: the Tubex curtain provides a quiet environment thanks to its innovative design, making it suitable for places that require low sound, such as libraries and restaurants.
  • Multiple sizes: this curtain comes in two different sizes (2.20 m – 2.50 m), providing options to adapt to different space requirements.

Benefits of Tubex air curtains for your workplace

  • Improve the quality of visibility at the entrance: Tubex air curtains contribute to improving visibility at the entrance, as they maintain visual clarity, making the entrance better visible, making it easier to navigate and enter.
  • Shiny and charming air barrier: the Tubex curtain adopts an air barrier that provides comfort and protection for the place, it is not only practical but attractive and stylish for your workplace.
  • Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication: Tubex air curtains are distinguished by their elegant and sophisticated design, which makes them add an aesthetic touch to buildings, whether commercial or residential.
  • Continuous comfort and protection from dirt and pests: these curtains help to provide a comfortable working environment for employees, prevent the ingress of dirt, dust, and flying pests, and ensure a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Energy conservation and sustainability: Tubex air curtains conserve energy efficiently, reducing costs and enhancing the sustainability of the building by reducing the need for intensive heating or cooling.

Tubex air curtain accessories

  • Tubex air curtain (x1): the main unit in the set, designed to provide an effective air barrier that improves indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Screwdriver (x1): an essential tool for Tubex air curtain installation, which facilitates efficient installation and wall mounting.
  • Allen key (x1): used to assemble or modify the air curtain parts, it is necessary for regular maintenance and to ensure optimal performance.
  • Wall holders (x1): provide the necessary support for fixing the tubex air curtain to the wall, ensuring a safe and stable installation.
  • Mechanical door contact (x1): this accessory can be selected based on the type of door, and automatically activates the tubex air curtain when the door is opened or closed.
  • User manual (x1): includes all the necessary instructions for installation, use and maintenance, providing users with a useful reference to get the most out of the tubex air curtain.

Note: The selection of controllers can be agreed upon before delivery and installation