AXI Vertical

AXI Vertical

“AXI Vertical Air Curtains Built To Last”

AXI Vertical

Features of AXI Vertical air curtains

"Axi Vertical Is Set To Define The Highest Limits Of Technology And Performance. The Product That You Can Rely On”

  • Wide door coverage: the AXI Vertical air curtain is designed to cover door widths from 2 meters up to 4 meters, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.
  • German-made industrial fans: AXI Vertical air curtains are equipped with fans from the company ZIEHL-ABEGG, the leader in the field of air technology. These fans ensure efficiency and long-lasting performance.
  • Improve the working environment: the AXI Vertical air curtain improves the industrial working environment, ensuring the comfort of workers and higher production efficiency.
  • Flexibility and safety: the fans have a design that meets the highest needs, reducing maintenance worries and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Product protection: the axial Vertical air curtain ensures the safety and protection of products, especially in areas that require careful regulation of heat and humidity, such as warehouses and storage centers.
AXI Vertical
AXI Vertical

Advantages of the axial Vertical air curtain

  • Vertical installation: the AXI Vertical air curtain is designed to be installed vertically, which provides effective coverage and fits perfectly into places that require this type of installation.
  • IP54 degree of protection: this curtain comes with an IP54 degree of protection, which is one of the highest degrees of protection available, which makes it resistant to dust and moisture, and ensures its efficient operation in difficult environments.
  • Long-lasting airflow: the curtain is designed to provide a continuous and powerful airflow, capable of dealing with the harsh environmental challenges found in industrial areas.
  • Four different sizes: the axial Vertical air curtain is available in four different sizes (0.80 m, 2.10 m, 2.60 m, 3.10 m), providing multiple options to suit different needs and applications.

Note: If the height of the door exceeds 3 meters, it is better to install two units of curtains, as this option guarantees you higher efficiency and performance.

Benefits of AXI Vertical air curtains

  • Cost efficiency and profitable investment: AXI Vertical air curtains are characterized by their competitive price and profitable investment, as they allow you to recover the amount paid in them within a short period by saving on electric energy costs. They also contribute to increasing the service life of the equipment by reducing the load on it.
  • Increase productivity in factories: providing a comfortable and stable working environment helps increase productivity, as AXI Vertical curtains give workers a more comfortable and efficient working environment.
  • Effective climate separation: these air curtains offer flowing air barriers at the sides of the doors, providing climate separation that keeps conditions inside the facility stable.
  • Provide constant comfort and prevent the ingress of dirt and pests: curtains prevent the ingress of dust, dirt, and flying pests, ensuring the cleanliness and health of the working environment.
AXI Vertical
AXI Vertical

Accessories of AXI Vertical pneumatic curtains

  • Axi Vertical air curtain (x1): the basic unit of the system, designed to provide effective pneumatic performance and high efficiency in controlling the environment inside the facilities.
  • Screwdriver (x1): a necessary tool for the installation and maintenance of the curtain, provides ease and accuracy in handling various components of the system.
  • Allen key (x1): used in the installation and fastening of some parts of the curtain, which facilitates the assembly and maintenance process.
  • Wall holders (x1): used to securely and stably fix the Axi Vertical air curtain on the wall, ensuring stability and efficient performance.
  • Mechanical door contact (x1): selected based on the type of door, it automatically turns on the curtain when the door is opened and closes when it is closed, which enhances the efficiency of the system.
  • User manual (x1): includes all the necessary information for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the Axi Vertical air curtain, making it easier for users to handle the system effectively.

• Note: Control Options Can Be Discussed Before Delivery And Installation