Axi Horizontal

Axi Horizontal

"Axi Horizontal Air Curtains are a Long-Lasting Design!"

Axi Horizontal

Features of Axi Horizontal air curtains in Saudi Arabia

"Axi Horizontal Is Not Just An Air Curtain Like Any Other Air Curtain, It Is An Intelligently Design Solution For Industrial Doors”

  • Wide coverage for industrial doors: the Axi Horizontal air curtain can cover doors from a height of 2.5 meters up to 6 meters, making it ideal for industrial applications and large gates.
  • German-made industrial fans: Axi Horizontal uses high-quality fans from the ZIEHL-ABEGG industry, the leader in air technology, ensuring high efficiency and outstanding performance.
    Increase the level of comfort in industrial environments: this curtain is designed to enhance the level of comfort in industrial environments, which improves the quality of the working environment and enhances the productivity of workers.
  • Self-cleaning and mini-maintenance of fans: the Axi Horizontal curtain comes with a self-cleaning feature and fans that do not require intensive maintenance, reducing the need for periodic intervention and reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Ensure the safety and quality of products: this curtain ensures the safety and quality of products within industrial environments, by maintaining a dust-free and pollutant-free environment, reducing the impact of external elements.
Axi Horizontal
Axi Horizontal

Advantages of the Axi Horizontal air curtain

  • Variety of mounting options: Stavoklima’s Axi Horizontal air curtain offers multiple mounting options, including wall mounting and ceiling mounting, making it flexible to adapt to various places and spaces.
  • High protection grade ip54: this curtain comes with protection grade ip54, providing effective dust and moisture resistance, ensuring reliable performance in harsh industrial environments.
  • Durable and efficient airflow: Axi Horizontal is designed to provide a strong and durable airflow, able to withstand the difficult challenges found in industrial environments, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Available in four different sizes: Stavoklima offers this curtain in four sizes (80m-2.10 m-2.60 m-3.10 m), providing great flexibility to meet the needs of various doors and doorways, providing customized solutions for non-standard spaces.

Benefits of Axi Horizontal air curtains in your factory

  • Reduce energy costs and improve air quality: Axi Horizontal air curtains help to effectively reduce energy costs by preventing heat loss and improving indoor air quality, in addition to reducing the need for pest control.
  • Increased safety against Fire and hazardous fumes: Axi Horizontal curtains are an effective barrier against fire smoke or toxic fumes, helping to protect workers and products in emergencies.
  • Protect products from thermal changes: these air curtains protect products sensitive to changing temperatures, ensuring temperature stability and quality of products.
  • Improve the indoor environment of workers: installing the Axi Horizontal curtain helps to create a healthy working environment, and improves the comfort and productivity of employees by maintaining a stable temperature and reducing dust and pollution levels.
Axi Horizontal
Axi Horizontal

Accessories for Axi Horizontal air curtains

  • Axi-Horizontal air curtain (1x): the main unit in the range, designed to provide an effective air barrier for horizontal applications, enhancing the efficiency of controlling the indoor environment.
  • Screwdriver (1x): an essential tool for the installation process, facilitates the process of installing the air curtain on the wall safely and efficiently.
  • Allen key (1x): used to adjust and assemble the precise parts of the air curtain, facilitating maintenance and adjustments when needed.
  • Wall holders for wall mounting (2x): provide the necessary support for secure and stable fixing of the air curtain to the wall, ensuring a durable fixation.
  • Mechanical door contact (1x): selects based on the type of door to automatically activate the air curtain when opening or closing the door, which increases efficiency and provides convenience in use.
  • User manual (1x): contains detailed and clear instructions for the correct installation and use of the Axi-Horizontal air curtain, making it easier for users to take full advantage of it.

• Note: Control Options Can Be Discussed Before Delivery And Installation