Econ C

Econ C

"here Is No Space Above Your Door.. We Found The Way"

Econ C

Features of Econ C pneumatic curtains from Stavoklima

"Econ C air curtains are designed to be hidden inside the ceiling, so that only the air inlet and outlet are visible, creating a comfortable indoor climate in different entrances in a unique way.”

  • Effective coverage: these air curtains provide coverage up to a height of 3.5 meters, which makes them suitable for a wide range of doorways and doors.
  • Multifunctional protection: the Econ C air curtain prevents the ingress of airborne particles, flying insects, car exhaust, and heat, which contributes to the creation of a more comfortable and clean indoor environment.
  • Excellent quality: it features high-quality radial fans made in Germany, which ensures high efficiency of air distribution and longevity of the curtain.
  • Easy maintenance: the air curtain is designed so that all components are easily accessible, which facilitates the maintenance process and reduces its costs.
  • Horizontal installation: the curtain is mounted horizontally and hung inside the ceiling, which ensures even air distribution and maintains the elegant design of the hallway.
  • European manufacture: made in the Czech Republic, these curtains come with a guarantee of the quality and reliability of European products.
Econ C
Econ C

Advantages of Econ C air curtains in Saudi Arabia

  • Competitive price: Stavoklima’s Econ C air curtains come at affordable prices, making them an excellent economical choice for customers looking for effective and affordable solutions.
  • Compact dimensions: the Econ C air curtains are designed with compact dimensions, making them ideal for installation in limited spaces without affecting functionality or performance.
    Quick and easy
  • assembly: this type of curtain has a design that is easy to assemble and install, saving time and effort and reducing installation costs.
    Low noise level and light
  • weight: the Econ C curtains operate at a low noise level, making them ideal for places that require a quiet environment. Their light weight also facilitates the installation process and reduces stress on the supporting structures.
  • Excellent quality of materials and components: high-quality materials and components have been selected for the manufacture of Econ C air curtains, ensuring long-lasting durability and efficiency.
  • Three-year warranty: these curtains come with a three-year warranty, reflecting confidence in the reliability and quality of the product.

Benefits of installing an Econ C air curtain in your project

  • Effective climate control and customer comfort: the installation of an Econ C air curtain provides excellent indoor climate control, contributing to a comfortable environment for customers. This helps to maintain a stable and suitable temperature, regardless of external conditions.
  • Maintain a comfortable environment: the Econ C air curtain helps to maintain the air quality inside the place, by preventing the entry of dust, insects, and other pollutants, making the environment healthier and more comfortable.
  • Enhance the aesthetic appearance of the place: the modern and elegant design of the Econ C enhances the aesthetic appearance of the place, which adds a modern touch and enhances the first impression of customers.
  • Variable speed control: the possibility of controlling the air speed enables the flow to be adjusted according to the actual need, providing high flexibility in the use of the curtain for various conditions and times.
Econ C
Econ C

Econ C air curtain accessories

  • Econ C air curtain (1x): the main item in the kit, this curtain is designed to provide an effective air barrier, helping to keep the indoor environment comfortable and stable.
  • Remote control (1x): allows the air curtain to be operated and its settings adjusted easily and conveniently, without the need for direct access to the device.
  • Allen wrench (1x): a necessary tool for the installation and maintenance of the air curtain, used to unscrew and install its components.
  • Ceiling suspenders (4x) and stabilizers (4x): these suspenders and stabilizers provide strong support to hang the air curtain securely in the ceiling.
  • Power cord (1x): connects the Econ C air curtain to the power supply, designed to provide a safe and reliable power connection.
  • Door contact (1x): used to combine the work of the air curtain with the opening and closing of the door, providing automatic and smooth operation.
  • User manual (1x): provides detailed instructions for installation, use, and maintenance, ensuring that the air curtain is used with maximum effectiveness.
  • Flat hole switch (1x): an additional tool that helps in the installation and maintenance of the curtain, enhancing the ease of handling its components.