"Arcus Air Curtains Design That Moves You”


Features of Arcus air curtains in Saudi Arabia

“Where Imagination Meets Enchantment, The Stavoklima Arcus Design Takes A Flight”

  • Wide door coverage: Arcus air curtains are designed to cover door widths from 1.5 M to 3.5 m, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and spaces, from small doors to large openings.
  • German-made radial fans: Arcus uses radial fans made by the German company ZIEHL-ABEGG, which ensures superior performance and high efficiency in effectively distributing air.
  • A design that combines strength and beauty: the design of Arcus curtains is characterized by combining performance strength and aesthetics, making them complementary to interior decoration and effective in their function.
  • World-class architectural design: it has an advanced and international architectural design, which adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the place, and suits various architectural styles.
  • Variable airspeed control: Arcus offers variable airspeed control, with a directional nozzle for airflow, providing optimal air distribution depending on the specific needs of each space.

Advantages of the Arcus air curtain from Stavoklima

  • Versatile vertical installation: The Stavoklima Arcus air curtain has the possibility of vertical installation, making it ideal for narrow spaces or where horizontal installation is impossible.
  • Smooth and unobstructed traffic: Arcus curtains allow a smooth passage through the entrances, ensuring the normal flow of people and goods is not disrupted.
  • Provide a quiet and refined environment: these curtains help to create a quieter and more refined environment, as they reduce noise and external interference, enhancing the enjoyment of peace and tranquility inside the building.
  • Available in three sizes: Arcus curtains come in three different sizes (2.20 m, 2.50 m, 2.80 m), providing great flexibility in choosing the right size for each entrance or application, providing customized solutions for non-standard spaces.

Benefits of arcus air curtains for your project

  • Attractive facade design: Arcus air curtains have a design that is perfectly suited for sites that need a beautiful facade, which makes them an ideal choice for buildings that pay great attention to aesthetics.
  • Shimmering air shield with a magical touch: Arcus curtains provide an effective air shield with a magical touch, which makes the area around the entrance nice and safe, in addition to the visual beauty it imparts.
  • The harmonious magic of the speed and regularity of the air: these curtains offer a perfect balance between the speed and regularity of the air, enchanting the senses and captivating the soul with a unique airy experience.
  • Constant comfort and protection from external elements: helps to provide a comfortable working environment for employees, in addition to preventing the ingress of dirt, dust, and flying pests, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Energy conservation and cost saving: Arcus curtains prevent heat loss and unwanted air currents, which reduces energy consumption and contributes to long-term cost reduction.

Arcus air curtain accessories

  • Arcus air curtain (x1): the main unit of the range, designed to offer an effective and stylish solution to control airflow and enhance the quality of the indoor environment.
  • Screwdriver (x1): used to securely mount and fix the air curtain, ensuring its stability and stability on the wall.
  • Allen key (x1): an important tool for the adjustment and maintenance of the curtain, facilitates access to its components and fine-tuning.
  • Wall holders (1x): provide the necessary support for fixing the air curtain to the wall, which enhances its stability and prevents movement or vibration.
  • Mechanical door contact (1x): it can be selected based on the type of door to activate the air curtain automatically, which increases the efficiency of Use and reduces the need for manual intervention.
  • User manual (1x): contains clear instructions for installation, use and maintenance, which helps users make the most of the Arcus air curtain.

Note: The selection of controllers can be agreed upon before delivery and installation