Axi industrial curtains:

Axi industrial curtains: It is made of metal and a strong structure to withstand the harshest climate conditions from -40 to +79 degrees. It is used in industrial places, warehouses and loading areas to isolate the indoor area from the outside thanks to the durability of the thick air barrier. This type of curtain is equipped with German-made fans from the leading company, ZIEHL-ABEGG, that has the ability to work under water and resist high and low temperatures without the need for any preventive maintenance or periodic cleaning. In short, designed for the challenge!

What were the challenges that Dallah al-Baraka faced?

Dallah Al Baraka Company building is one of the most beautiful and modern buildings with a distinctive view of the Jeddah waterfront, and because the area is open, it caused several challenges before installing air curtains including:

  1. Moisture coming from the sea that condenses at the entry doors of the company, causing an unpleasant environment in the place.
  2. The temperature differences between the inside and outside cause hot air to enter the interior constantly

.3. Entering dust and insects from the outside as the area is open and overlooking the sea.

With Dallah Al Baraka Company’s keenness to achieve the best possible working environment in Saudi Arabia, the solution was to install an air curtain that gives them the purity of the interior environment while maintaining luxurious decor.

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Available in four types and each type has four different sizes