Articles and news of air curtains in Saudi Arabia

what are large air curtains

large air curtains are technical systems used to create an air barrier between the internal environment and the external environment in commercial and industrial buildings. They are characterized by the fact that they come in large sizes that help to cover large entrances and doors, and are used to improve temperature control and prevent the ingress of cold or hot air, insects, and dust.

benefits of large air curtains

large air curtains offer multiple benefits in commercial and industrial buildings, including temperature control and preventing the ingress of cold or hot air, insects, and dust, as well as improving indoor air quality and saving energy by maintaining a temperature balance, which contributes to improving the comfort of users and customers.

the best places to install large air curtains

  • shops: at the entrances of large shops and malls to maintain comfortable temperatures for customers and employees.
  • industrial buildings: to reduce air leakage and improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in factories and industrial facilities.
  • restaurants and hotels: to keep customers and guests comfortable when entering and exiting.
  • business centers and large buildings: to control temperatures and prevent air interference in business centers and large buildings.
  • airports, train, and bus stations: to improve the experience of passengers when entering and exiting buildings.

depending on the needs of each site, and the size of large air curtains carefully and appropriately installed for maximum benefit, you can get a free consultation from Stavoklima to choose the best size air curtain suitable for your business project.

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